Welcome to the edges of my mind.

Here we are just over the threshold of the 21st Century. Here we all are facing a crisis of intimidating proportions. This crisis has been a long time coming, just as its coming has long been denied. Nevertheless this blog will be a response to that crisis that is as optimistic as it is even realistic.

It will not offer external remedies nor solutions. They are not so hard to see and find. Rather it will aim to inspire you to look again within. To look so deeply and so relentlessly that a shift might take place in your attitudes, your orientations and even your actions. A shift that will come not from me, not from my words, but from you, from your own inner experience.

For this blog will present a very specific perspective on human nature. One derived from a lifetime’s digging at the roots of human experience. This is a perspective that runs through Mother Nature to Human Nature. A perspective informed by deep and sustained intimacy with human experience. Intimacy with the presence and activity of the body. Intimacy with the presence and activity of mind.  Intimacy with the presence and activity of others: human and otherwise.

Human nature is not something we need learn about from academics, philosophers or any kind of teacher. It is here for us to explore directly ourselves. May this blog inspire you to turn your irrepressible curiosity inwards, upon your own experience, towards your own nature. Not the content of your experience, but its nature.

So that perhaps within the particularities of your personal experience as a human being, you may encounter the deep roots that we all have in common. Some depths of which we have in common with all living creatures, all life. For, whatever our spiritual dimension may imply, we are expressions of nature.

I write these posts, of course, from a position of inescapable, though modifiable, prejudice.  Likewise one of unusual privilege. I was born white, male, able bodied into a comfortable, educated English family of Norman descent. My parents made extensive sacrifices to provide me with a sound education and the confidence it can provide.

Nevertheless, whatever your origins, we have, perhaps, much more in common than we have distinguishing us. Much of which, even the best of which, we share with all living creatures, even with life itself.


Into the Invulnerable

The vulnerability of our biological nature does not define us. We are also spiritual beings. This does not mean we are made of two different parts, or substances. It means that we experience ourselves in two fundamental, and differing, ways: the outer and the inner, the external and the internal, the visible and the invisible, …

Being the Wholeness

You don’t have to find your uniqueness to be at peace. You have to find your place in and as the wholeness: then you will have found yourself. You have to find yourself not just within, but also as, the indivisibility of wholeness. Indivisibility is a very different word to interconnectedness. Interconnectedness implies separate things …