Godfrey, like you, is a momentary quiver of love radiating as a human being. This may seem like poetic licence, but perhaps not.

As a teacher of the Montessori Method and pioneer of The Dynamic Yoga Training Method, Somatic Meditation, Somatic Tantra  and Radical Ecology i have determinedly pursued my life long fascination with human nature.

I long ago realised that human behaviour, let alone human nature, could never be clearly understood without a functional and practical understanding of consciousness: not just human consciousness.

Many years teaching somatic spirituality has led me to a profound though incomplete understanding of the roots of human nature: Consciousness. This understanding, novel and unique as it may be, readily contextualises and fertilises the underlying assumptions of both science and religion.

I am deeply indebted to the generosity, compassion and genius of the following human beings, without whom i would have little of interest to share:

my mother, Barbara
my father, Humphrey
my teacher, Oliver Ramsbotham
my secret teacher, TW Evans
my uncle, Tim Hollis
my good friend Robert Beaumont
my soul sister, Elena Antinucci
my zen master, Soten Genpo Roshi
my tantric guide, Rosalba
my shaktiguru, Kali Ornelas
my partner pioneer, Olivia Crooks

No less deeply, but less intimately, am i indebted to every sentient being, every living tissue that ever existed.

Finally, i would like to extend my gratitude to my longtime friend Jane, my more recent friend Pete, and my eldest daughter Rohese for the ruthless compassion you have always displayed in refusing to allow me to stagnate in the unacknowledged prejudice of my foolish assumptions and their destructiveness.