Extract from the ‘Meaning of Life’

is no extra
on this stage of life

no matter how misunderstood, maligned

it flows through the epicentre of humanity
back through the ejaculate mists of your generation
parents, grandparents, great grandparents
back and back and back

through couples and couplings
that predate both history and humanity

in immeasurable sexual continuity

sex is sex is life
it is never only sex
although it can be just
just sex

sex always comes as something
or with something
often it comes with alcohol
sometimes it comes with drugs

money, violence, contempt and with heartless control
but when these legal tenders are conspicuously absent
what then remains is sex
just sex
nothing to twist it with or for
pure sex
desire, pleasure and corporeal fulfilment

pure sex, just sex
is both a giving and a receiving
a celebration of life’s polarities in
sensitivity, honesty, openness, intimacy and generosity

the hidden gates through which the fire of life flows
modulated apertures through which asking is answered
listening hears, looking sees

pure sex, just sex
can take you in deeper
than any imaginable outcome

deeper even than  your biology
to the cool incandescence of love
that holds you
even where your biology falters and fails
to the love that in endlessly pouring inwards, leaping outwards
spawns the drives that fire your outer longings
into unjust manipulative sex
and its immediate disappointments

can you feel it
quivering, shivering deep inside you
can you feel, really feel
the cool soft shimmering fire
deep sifting lava of your core flowing molten silver
from the reaches of space into the limitlessness of time
seeping into eddies and currents of desire, showers of satisfaction

can you feel , can you really feel
can you feel the atmospheric balm
soothing you from every direction
through every cell and tissue
and turning into the chills and fires that drive you
into the relentless arms of sex

sex is never only sex
it is always throbbing with the soft pulse of love
spinning in its in-extricate web
of indeterminable creativity and captivity

when sex is really, simply sex
when sex is just sex
it comes alone
as love

not contractual legalistic love
with its un-keepable terms and manipulative conditions
not even wishful thinking romantic love
with its childish dreams and deadly expectations

but true love, pure love
just love

the readiness to give and give and give
the longing to receive
the willingness to give comfort, pleasure, delight and joy
cascading frequencies of love
in all its nutritious simplicity and varieties
simmering in the steaming caldrons of unfettered touch
where barriers dissolve, boundaries blur
and two aching, quivering bodies
slurp, slip and slide towards oblivion
on the rhythms of desire
the hymns and psalms of pleasure rising
and falling, falling, rising

deeper and higher closer and closer and closer
not two, not one
pure pleasure
just sex
pure love
just love

initiating transparent mind
so bright, so still, so clear
empty of time and outer circumstance
saturated with chemicals of intimacy
flowing, pouring
through two bodies without distinction
and into the soft warm afterglow
the indescribable exaltations of love
pure love
just love
just sex