Being the Wholeness

You don’t have to find your uniqueness to be at peace. You have to find your place in and as the wholeness: then you will have found yourself.

You have to find yourself not just within, but also as, the indivisibility of wholeness.

Indivisibility is a very different word to interconnectedness. Interconnectedness implies separate things joined up. Indivisibility is something much more than that.

It has profound consequences to deeply and regularly encounter the indivisibility of wholeness. When you experience it very deeply, when that experience becomes your norm, then you start to have a light footprint.

No matter how much carbon you’re burning. Not just environmental footprint. You have a lighter presence altogether. You don’t need to take so much. You don’t need to get so much.

You become part of the giving rather than the getting. Without necessarily wanting, needing or trying to do that. It just happens to you. You lose your animosity, your hostility because you’ve lost the underlying fear that comes from feeling alone, cut off, separated.

Then you can enjoy not only experiencing, but being the Wholeness.